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Olive Thea cliff side Restaurant tempts it guests with freshly, seasonal incredients, traditional mediterranean cuisine.
The hot spot is the wood fire oven, where different dishes cooked in the hull, slowly cooked for many hours.
Enjoy the welcome service and a view second to none.
Open daily from 13.00 until late at night, serving delectable mediterranean cuisine with a wonderful range of wines, or enjoy your drink at the Bar.

Enjoy your meal while experiencing a great view of  Skiathos town and the Aegean sea, in a friendly, casual atmosphere.
Freshness. It's what defines Skiathos Olive Thea s   food. 

Whether you're spending time with family and friends over dinner, or enjoying an afternoon lunch we offer you  an  exceptional Greek dining experience.

What is Our little secret ?
we grow our own vegetable, together with Fresh olives from Skiathos gives you the best olive oil for a mouthful of fruity flavours .
Also our wood-fired brick oven. gives all the flavours and texture that is inherent in our meals

A large verity of fresh, simple, and delicious  food, served in a comfortable, family restaurant setting ,with the greatest view in Skiathos Island.
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All your meals are prepared from scratch ensuring delicious dishes in a varity of Greek specialities

We use only local olive oil , vegetables herbs, grains and bread,
A large Varity of fine wines ,
Fresh fish, lobster and various meats, including poultry, rabbit and pork.

Authentic Greek Dishes are taken to a new level in the refined cooking of the Skiathos Olive Thea  of  Skiathos, combining tradition with creativity.

Your wedding reception in Skiathos Olive Thea

The incredible view, the stunning and elegant atmosphere is the ideal atmosphere for your wedding reception or events.
Olive Thea Restaurant guarantee a unique and festive experience with delicious cuisine and superb service.
Contact us to choose the flavors you will enjoy with your guests. Arrive after your wedding service and be greeted by our friendly team all keen to make your reception an unforgettable experience.